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Elastic Waist Skirt

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I discover my interest on fabrics during my elementary days.

I was 10 when I started to enjoy sewing projects from school. Getting introduced to different kinds of stitches, how to make an apron and completing my sewing kit gives me the feeling of joy and excitement thus giving me the inspiration to continue with my own little projects.

I remember I bought a cotton fabric from a classmate whose family has a garment business. From there, I started making dresses for my barbie dolls that gives me a sense of accomplishment and serves as a hobby. I exclusively hand stitched doll dresses and it becomes an addictive hobby that opens the door to other  creative crafts.

There goes cross-stitching and crochet  plus a lot more to do since I am definitely inlove with arts and crafts. But since I can never afford all the materials I need, crafting and sewing has been put aside and all I can do is to borrow a book to read. Reading becomes an inexpensive hobby that replaced my love for craft projects.…