Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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I discover my interest on fabrics during my elementary days.

I was 10 when I started to enjoy sewing projects from school. Getting introduced to different kinds of stitches, how to make an apron and completing my sewing kit gives me the feeling of joy and excitement thus giving me the inspiration to continue with my own little projects.

I remember I bought a cotton fabric from a classmate whose family has a garment business. From there, I started making dresses for my barbie dolls that gives me a sense of accomplishment and serves as a hobby. I exclusively hand stitched doll dresses and it becomes an addictive hobby that opens the door to other  creative crafts.

There goes cross-stitching and crochet  plus a lot more to do since I am definitely inlove with arts and crafts. But since I can never afford all the materials I need, crafting and sewing has been put aside and all I can do is to borrow a book to read. Reading becomes an inexpensive hobby that replaced my love for craft projects. Also growing up, like other kids, I needed to use my time to explore more important things and a study to prioritized.

Fast forward, I now have a family of my own. For the past seven years, my inexpensive hobby was blogging. Not only it is something that I do out of relaxation and enjoyment but also provides learning  and paid opportunities.

And considering my dream of spending more time with the kids, I then quit my job and started a small business. Having the time (and money!) to pursue a hobby to keep my sanity as a Stay at Home Mom makes me renew my interest on sewing and crafting.

Then I came out with the idea to document my sewing journey by creating this blog. It feels good that I am back again with passionately making something that satisfy my idle hands and creativity.
So here's a start of my Sewing Journey that points out to my direction as a clothing maker and designer wanna-be. Oh yeah, I'm ambitiously looking forward  of wearing something that I made so I am here taking my baby steps for this challenge.

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It's sure a long way ahead... Goodluck to me! 😀


Fully Housewifed said...

Oh God bless on that. I have a friend who got into sewing, too, and she's been sewing kids' clothes and pinnafores already. She's even joined a club.

EINz said...

Thanks... I'm actually looking for more sewing groups to join for motivation and inspiration!

Michi said...

I had my first sewing machine toy when I was in preschool. I can only do skirts and pillowcases for my Barbie dolls. :) My husband gifted me a sewing machine a few years ago and I started to do some simple projects but life became busy, inaamag na nga daw sewing machine ko. hehehe!

Nilyn said...

I look forward to seeing more sew-related blog posts! I think you're doing a great job! When I was young, I loved to sew also, mga simple stuff lang like head band na gawa sa tela or kaya tali sa buhok ang neck tie sa school. I miss doing those, I've been planning to buy a sewing machine but laging na-seset aside kasi hindi need, at tsaka baka di ko rin mapaglaanan ng oras masyado. hehe.

Edel San said...

I love to sew also and my daughter and I are planning to make clothes this summer. We're already eyeing some fabrics but I think we have to buy those cheap ones first- pang practice. Hope to catch your sewing tutorial soon. :)

Gilian said...

Ohh..I love your sewing machine. haha I have a big one. =) I haven't even practiced with it. I love DIYs and tinkering with fabric and little stuff, I keep on stopping because I have 3 kids, but when I want to relax, I try to do something with them. I love fabrics as well, I want to collect retasos haha hoping I'll have something to do with them in the future. =) I used to make sling bags out of worn out pants. Anyway, I followed your page, I'll be looking forward to what you are going to create. =)

EINz said...

Haha... I actually have a Singer Mon Ami Sewing Machine but found it too complicated to use for beginner. Thanks for the follow! I don't think I have enough time to learn and complete simple projects, but looking forward to eventually create something.

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