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Elastic Waist Skirt

There are lots of free pattern for simple beginner projects, problem is... I do not have enough time to just sit and work with my sewing machine. This is actually my 2nd blog post after 3 months of hiatus as I have to use up my time mostly for chores and mommy duties.

This time, I kinda enjoy getting started with my sewing project without using a pattern. This way, I have to figure out on my own which and how to use my resources at hand.

Wearable, right? I have yet to figure out those different kind of fabrics. I believe this one's a cotton blend fabric. I told my husband I've wanted to enroll in fashion design course to start my creative career path, but we still have a preschooler that needs close supervision. So, that's impossible for now.

For the mean time, I will be relying more from online tutorials on pattern making to gain basic techniques and how tos. Wish me time! 😃


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